baking_and_pastryOur Diploma in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry is a professional training program that offers you the opportunity to harness the fundamentals skill set in both Culinary Arts  & Baking & Pastry.

Our ‘Dual Diploma’ program will offer you the opportunity to learn two unique disciplines within one year trisem – to better round your knowledge and skills as a professional for the hospitality food service industry. The opportunity to travel abroad and learn international dishes abroad will widen your culinary understanding and skills.

Duration: 702 Hours + 300-600 Hours OJT
117 Sessions at 3 Sessions per week and 6 hours per session

Included in the Course are:

  • Detailed Course Book
  • Recipes and Information Hand Outs
  • Ingredients for all cooking sessions
  • Free use of all Equipments and Utensils during the course
  • 1 Set of Chef’s Uniform & Shoes
  • 1 Set of Knives
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